Sunday, September 13, 2009

The evil lies within

its has been sometime... i find out the truth of someones and the evil lies within.. im stil wondering whether should i voice out or not. But the truth is i have indirectly fall into my own trap...

Yes.. I initially come with good and friendly attitude... With no intention to get anything back. Im just a normal person to come into a company and work. Everythings is just so fine and u never imagine that people can be so pleasure at the expense of the consideration of others. This is when u realised u threat others well but doesnt mean that he will do so. Once i was played by the people who i trust and close with. I was just a fool like a frog under the well.

It is so sad when u realised that someone has indirectly shifted everyone's eyesight on you where you are the "bad" one when that jackass is. It is just like saying thank you and assist in counting the money for the theft who stole your money. When i realised it, there is still turning back to help myself up. but... i haven taken the wrong path...

Im sometimes filled with emo which i sincerely admit i cant really handle it. I have shown my dissatisfaction to that person while indirectly the others thinks im the one who was unfriendly and hard to handle. what a fool. well... i dont even holds hopes for others to understand that they are indirectly being taken advantage by the shenanigans fellow. Everyone is just so blind by the motives of poker face.

I have now realised that true friends are hard to find. I also admit that all these happens and others stress with my life has makes me to a person with ego. I hardly trust anyone and frens are getting lesser. My life is just empty and shadowed... Where is the laughter and happiness?? Gone... But there holds my principle and I really look down on those who ever took advantage on me. God will punish U!

I seems to be happy and hyper active. But that is just the surface of me and no one know the excruciating pleasure behind the scenes....

Its time to strike back....

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wee 09.09.09

Yeah! Im so happy that i finally got chance to post this entry on this date. 09.09.09

just a couple minutes to pass and i dont wana miss it like last year. 08.08.08...

sadly.. just came back from office which should be an off-peak season and im so unlucky to be this urgent job... !@#$%^..

well, today went pretty smooth and i expect sth special to happen and does sth special.. indeed.. nth came true... bored...

Happy 09.09.09 for once in a live time!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese 牛 Year!!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Wishing you and your family full with happiness, good health and wealth. May the Ox bring you a prosperous new year!!!


Fatt Choi ar!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 new year resolution, good bye 2008!

its good to have a chance to write down at the very last day of 2008. I will be celebrating new year countdown at fren's house and had no time to blog about.

it has been a very very fast and meaningless year of 2008 for me. I personally think. Rolling back from 1st of Jan till now, nothing! it has been nothing yet achievement by me. Having day in day out working, hanging around with colleagues, doing the same things every weekend, grumble on all the same topic, stress in works, being depressed etc etc... it is total failure year for me.. I marked myself "F". But whats really make me upset is i totally fail to manage my own time, my own life!

okay, now 2008 almost gone. left 11 hrs to go....

i would say, its a football match. 1st half has gone (the past), its useless and dont look back. what im focusing now is how to win in the 2nd half (my future)..

for what i recently realised is im just a normal person, an ordinary person. Always thinking of becoming rich, having high class life style, buying valuable things, having great and beautiful gf...etc etc, thats all bullshit. That is just what im hoping for and not making any moves. So, god serves me right for not giving any of it. But, anyway, i really appreciate and grateful that i have family which loves me and cares me. Thanks Grandma, Mom and Dad and my brother. Love you all.

a new year, a new beginning, as always. This year, I insist to make a different, how far and how much i will go? I DONT KNOW! as i wont regret of my decision for what i will do. At least i wont regret as i ever try. I got nothing to lose after all.. I really hopes that i will work something out. Be a man! Can i make a different? Gods know..

So, presenting my 2009 new year resolution:


心想... ... ... 事成

在2008年还没结束前, 我下定了决心, 新的一年怎么走.

刚和我cousin签下了AMWAY的会员. 他说了一句,

你心想的事情需要时间,要经过一段路,才能达成. 既然我心里以有了这个决定, 还有我先在所想往的事. 加上现在的burning desire!, 很快的就会实现.

我现在心想着... ... ... 事成是什么时候呢?


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


每一个人一定会有担心或烦恼的时刻. 我, 是一个还蛮爱转牛角尖的人. 但是, 所有的事情都在我掌控之下吗? 最近我学会了摆脱这种坏习惯, 而还在进步当中.

不庸人自優. 烦恼不会自己来找我们,除非我们自寻烦恼.

不多管闲事. 问自己, 这件事到低是"谁"的事?


要打理好"自己的事", 不去管"别人的事", 不操心"老天爷的事".


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bodykit !

This was some of my photo after da modification, i have yet to really take a good pic of my car.. But it definitely looks much more better after the spending. Although the side skirt wasnt really nice enuogh. I knock on the bump on the 3rd day.... how sad.. :(
Next to change rims??

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Year end is coming!

its really oh my god ! hmm.. wat a word -.- to be used by a guy... watever... da main thing is its year end. Nothing much have been done till now for a year.. it was like just celebrating for new year yesterday. Time really flies.. what have i do during the year????

-coming soon-